To facilitate online study and to have in-depth idea about one frame exhibits, we are providing links to One Frame Exhibits available online. These examples of One Frame Exhibit will surely help all prospective participants of ‘Stampmania 2009’ to better understand the concept of One Frame Exhibit and will give idea in a practical manner.
Traditional Philately
India’s One Anna Carmine Isuue of 1911
Memorial Issues of Mahatma Gandhi - 15th August 1948
Argentina 1892 : America’s First Commemorative Stamps
Austria 1851 - "Blue Mercury"
Austria 1783 –"Lesser" Or "Clapper" Post from Prague
Czech Republic 2003, Breeding: Aquarium Fish
Great Britain Imperforate Line Engraved – The Vanity and the Insanity
Plate Flaws of the Postage Stamps of the Czech Republic
The Swedish Coil Definitive Stamps 1920 - 1936
T. G. Masaryk on the 1923-27 Issues – Rarities and Oddities
Third Class Single Piece Mail, 1958 – 1963, The “3-Cent” Rate
Naigamwalla’s First Day Covers of Burma 1937 - 1940
Philatelic History of the Island KRK
German Locals - Postmaster Provisionals
Germany - The Netzschkau Local Issue of 1945
Local Emergency Measures in Eastern Hungary, 1944-45
The 1945 Anti-Fascist Issue of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern
Austria - The 1945 Vienna Provisional Issues
Hradcany Printing History
Argentina 1892, America's First Commemorative Stamps
Postal History
The Lithographed 5 Kr – 1871
Foreign Post Offices in China
Finland – The Postal War
Croatia – Censored Mail
Afghanistan – The Development of the Cancellation
E-Com and its Forerunners – Expediting U.S. Domestic Mail Electronically
“No Postal Relations“ – Says Who ?
Perfins of Bank of Greece
The Persian Registration Lable used as Postage (1895 – 1912)
To my address (1942-45)
“Revolutionary Stamps“ 1945
Variable Rate Stamps – Castle Veveri
Swedish inkjet cancellation
Perfins on Hong Kong Queen Victoria Adhesives
Use of the 1-cent Franklin
Cross-Border Mail via the Cunard Line: Mail Between the United States and Nova Scotia, 1840-1867
1 Cent Yellow Large Queen Stamp of Canada – 1869
19th Century Brandon Post Office Postmarks
Fiume - Regenza Italiana Del Carnaro
Postal Histoy of Dalmatia 1919 - 1921
Certified Mail in Northern Bavaria, 1945
Austro-Hungarian Field Post Operating at Isonzo Front and Venetia 1915 - 18
Correspondence of the Technicians Constructing Submarines during WWI
Postal Stationery
India One Half Anna Envelopes of 1902 - 1907
India One Quarter Anna Post Card of 1902
Indian Registration Envelopes of Edward VII
Victorian Postal Stationery of India used at Aden
Edward VII Telegraph Stamps of India
Chile Postal Stationery, 10 or Less
The Iolani Palace Postal Card
More than One – Multiple Die Envelopes of the Commonwealth of Australia 1918-1947
The Newspaper Wrappers of British Bechuanaland
Poland 1919-1922, The Definitive Eagle Issues
Sanghai Local Post, Postal Stationery 1873-1897
Aerograms Disney Emissao 1988
Carpatho-Ukraine - 1944-45 Postal Stationery
Postal Stationery of Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic (PMR)
Winds of war (Greek Airmails 1939 – 40)
Jenny – Printing Variations of America’s First Airmail Stamp
Yukon Airways and Exploration Company Limited
The Story of Milk
Safe Roads
To Survive with the Honour, Sports and Olympic Spirit in P.O.W. Camps
Studying Thunderstorms by Mail
Olympic Games Paris 1924 and Czechoslovakia
Microbes in Action
Men’s Gymnastic : Dressed to Win
Audi Philately
The Complete T. rex (The Greatest Tyrant of All Time)
Dark Caves - Bright Visions
Singing to the Spirits
Philippine Presidents (Youth Class Collection)
Butterflies of the Smolensk Region (Youth Class Collection)
Covers delivered by British Field Post System at Western Front in 1914 - 1919
Dates, The Genus Phoenix
Struggle Against Malaria Continues
The Royal Palm
The Czechoslovak Cosmonaut
The Designs and Proofs of Sport Postal Postmarks
My Summer
Steam Conquers the Atlantic 1819 - 1860
Fiscal Philately
Indian Court Fees Issue of 1904
Revenue Stamps of the Indian Princely State Vala
U. S. Consular Service Fee Stamps & its usages: Bisects, the multiples & the unusual usages
The Liquor Trade Stamps of New South Wales
The First Revenues Issue of Austria, The C. M. issue
Social Philately
Jersey Social Philately
Guernsey Social Philately
Category not covered
Washington 2006
Caveat Emptor
St. Vincent – A Philatelic Sampler
FDC’s of Robert D’Spain, Hand Drawn/Hand Painted (1985-1999)
Czechoslovak Coupon Resonse International 1946 - 1949
Railway Picture Postcards
A Study of NASA VIP Cards
USS Oregon "Bulldog of the Fleet"