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Pre Event Feedback

We are very much thankful to fellow philatelists who have appreciated our idea of organizing a unique First National One Frame Philatelic Exhibition in Baroda. We are highly obliged by their encouraging words of appreciation. We look forward to have support from fellow philatelists across the country to make this event grand success

First of all, I would like to say congratulations for taking such a great step in philately and conducting a national level exhibition. I would like to participate in this event. -Saket Bajaj, Bangalore, 22.02.2009

I highly appreciate the organising committee of STAMPAMANIA 2009 who have come up with this great idea of holding ONE FRAME EXHIBITION as it will give opportunity to more people. I wish this exhibition to be a great success. Further may I suggest to give opportunity to maximum participants from all over India. In your introductory Blogs/Bulettins please highlight the Rules/regulations for participation and JUDGEMENT of the exhibits. Looking forward anxiously. - Naresh Agrawal, Vice President: Chhattisgarh Philatelic Association, Bilaspur ( C.G.) 495001, 22.02.2009
Nice to know about this exhibition. It’s a great idea of one frame exhibition. Pl. send updates of the exhibition regularly. - Jeevan Jyoti, Kullu (H.P.), 24.02.2009

I wish my heartily greetings for grand success of "STAMPMANIA 2009 philatelic exhibition - Er. Hemant Kumar Jain, Mandla (M.P), 24.02.2009

Dear Prashantbhai & Timirbhai, Greetings of the Day, Hats off on your venture of STAMPMINIA2009. I believe this is the first of it's kind atleast in India like DAK BHARTI. Please see if India Post joins the ventures & recognise the STAMPMINIA2009. - Ajay Agrawal, Akola, 25.02.2009
National Level One Frame Philatelic Exhibition. It is a great news !!! - Col, Suresh Bagga, Panchkula, 25.02.2009
Dear Prashant, Congratulations & Good Wishes - Y. Kumar, Vice President, Philatelic Congress of India,, New Delhi, 28.02.2009
One Frame Exhibit is the need of the time. It is Economical as well as Time saving. - Dr.Satyendra Kumar Agrawal, Varanasi, 28.02.2009
I wish you all success for the excellent efforts put in. A brief about one frame exhibit may be useful for many new philatelists by this can expect more paricipation. - A.V.Jeyachandran, Pondicherry, 01.03.2009

A philatelic event is a wonderful event and a delightful thing to all stamp lovers and yours event of one frame exhibition will surely create a lasting friendship between philately,stampcollectors and ofcourse organisers as I think most of the stampcollectors can easily prepare one frame exhibit.- Vipan Kumar Thakur, Chandigarh, 01.03.2009

I am very glad to known that Baroda Philatelic Society holding one frame exhibtion, Mean while i take this oppotunity to wish the organising committee of Stampmania 2009 to be a great success, and I hope India Post will recongnise the Stampmania 2009 - Jagannnath.M. Bangalore, 02.03.2009
I have judged one frame exhibits in several national exhibitions. Most of the participants fails to appreciate the objectives and importance of its recognition as an independent class by FIP. Your efforts will promote this class by allowing 400 exhibitors to participate and compete, will open a pandora box of subjects to vistors. Hearty Congratulations. - Prof.V.K.Gupta, Delhi, 03.03.2009
It is a great idea and will give chance to many philatelists to present their views through philately.- Dr Pradeep K Padhi, Cuttack, 05.03.2009
My heartiest congratulations for organising the unique and India's first National One Frame Philatelic Exhibition. Also convey my best wishes to all the members who are working dedicatedly for this noble job. My best wishes for the Grand success of the exhibition. - Ajit Kumar Dash, Secretary, Eastern India Philatelists' Association, Bhubaneswar, 06.03.2009
Your Stampmania exhibition came as a pleasant surprise, through One frames you can give a large number of philatelists a chance to exhibit which will encourage many budding philatelists, your effort is laudable - Prem Chandr Jaiswal, Kolkata, 08.03.2009
Happy to know that Baroda Philatelic Society is conducting one frame exhibition in our country. It is the first time in our country. I wish to congratulate the organising committee of Stampmania 2009, which will be a great success. - P.Mohanachandran Nair, Thiruvananthapuram, 08.03.2009
Hearty Congratulations. Glad to know about STAMPMANIA 2009. Please do keep me updated. Please convey my regards to BPS members.Hearty Congratulations. Glad to know about STAMPMANIA 2009. Please do keep me updated. Please convey my regards to BPS members. - Mohan Vaze (Member Baroda Philatelic Society), Calgary, Canada, 09.03.2009
Congratulations on your initative to organise One Frame exhibition Stamp Mania -2009. I presume it will be a great incentive for the youth. Back in Delhi conducting workshops in schools I have been promoting the idea of making exhibits of one frame only and this has been extremely popular with school children who had started making exhibits. I presume a value of the exhibit should be added for the youth class to encourage the young children to participate., All the best. - Pulak Gupta, New Delhi, 15.03.2009
Dear Prashantji, Hellow and Heartiest Congratulations for this TWENTY-TWENTY Philately, popular among Indian Philatelists. Hope this will be a milestone in Indian Philascenerio. - Dr. Pradeep Jain, President, Philatelic Socity of Durg (CG), 18.03.2009
Best wishes for the forthcoming Stampmania2009 to be held under the auspices of boroda philatelic society. My heartiest congratulations for the novel idea of holding One Frame National Exhibition. I shall be happy to extend any help that you may require from this part of the country i.e. Kolkata. Thank you again - Sekhar Chakrabarti, Kolkata, 22.03.2009
My congratulations on such an excellent website, for you and your colleagues have put a lot of work into preparing for Stampmania 2009. Have a successful show, Kind regards, Dr. Maurice Mishkel, Canada, 24.03.2009 (www.auspostalhistory.com )
Best wishes for grand gala STAMPMANIA 2009. Joyful and good idea for philatelic promotion.- Arvind Mullick, Jabalpur (M.P.), 21.05.2009
I want to participate your exhibition.If possible please inform me.- Md.Mahfuzur Rahman, Dhaka, Bangladesh, 06.06.2009
Prashant Bhai, Your initiative to organize the National One frame Philatelic Exhibition is commendable. Congratulations! Hope you can make it an annual affair. - Bijoy Sinha, Bhubaneshwar, 16.06.2009
Dear Prashantbhai, I was amazed to see the wonderful work that you are doing for STAMPMANIA 2009. In my opinion this is the first ever exhibition held under professional management and real professional way of organising the show. Even state and national level exhibitions lack professional touch. The site you have developed is wonderful. Secondly, so far in all the exhibitions I have observed that names of participating dealers are not announced in advance. I have attended foreign exhibitions where they happily announce names of participating dealers on their web site, you are the first person who matched this foreign professional way of announcing list of partcipating dealers. Congartulations for taking lead and now people living in 18th century will follow your footstep, it will be a great honour for you in my opinion. Finally I wish Grand success for Stampmania 2009. Warm Regards - Mafatlal Sheth, Mumbai, 17.06.2009
I am thrilled and waiting to vist the exhibition. I am sure this will revive the interest of masses in philately. This is just like 20-20 in cricket ,which has rejuvinated that sport. The same way this one frame event, first of its kind in India at National level will imbibe energy in this hobby. I propose if this cicrular is sent to all the local schools at least inviting them to visit the event so that young generation can have a feel of it. I am collecting stamps since 1965 but now I face a situation where in my children are not willing to inherit this wonderfull hobby. - Udai Kumar Saxena, Gurgaon, 7th July 2009
Dear Mr. Pandya, Nice to know about special event of Heritage Walk on 17th. It will be definitely a wonderful event. Wishing a Great Success to the Event and to your whole team of organizers.- Regards, J.Jyoti, SHAMSHI, Distt. Kullu (H.P.), 09.07.2009
Dear Prashant Ji, I am thrilled by the way you have given the shape to this unique event which beyond any doubt will be an immemorable one and lay a milestone in the history of philately in India. This will not only introduce the One Frame Exhibiting to the philatelists in India but promote this class of philately also. Heritage walk will of course be just like a jewel in a crown. I can forsee that this event is going to give a strong message to the philatelic organisations world over.Looking forward for more from you.Best wishes - Naresh Agrawal, Bilaspur, 09.07.2009
Congrats for the dynamic vision and mammoth efforts undertaken to organise this One Frame exhibit at the National level. In the era of T20 Cricket,this exhibition shall set a new trend and popularise philately amongst the new-commers and youth. Looking forward to participating in it. - Pallab Bose, New Delhi, 12.07.2009
I congratulate you for your efforts and wish "Stampmania 2009" a great sucess in popularising philately in the masses. Regards, Sincerely, - Avinash B. Jagtap, Switzerland
Wish You Great Success in this innovative T20 Philately. Hope it will go a long way in rekindling interest in stamp collecting activities amongst our school children and youth.- Debashis Mitra, Bhubaneswar, 26.07.2009.
I wish the Exhibition a GRAND SUCCESS ! I think, this is ONE of the PHILATELIC EXHIBITION wherein INTERNET is extensively used viz., Sending Entry Forms Online, Payment registration and now Online Auction of Dealer Booths. Really an excellent job by you. Hats of to you. I personnely feel, your website www.stampmania2009.com should be awarded the HIGHEST AWARD in PHILATELY. With Warm Regards - K Sridhar, Mangalore, 17.09.2009
Your website is very attractive as well as very informative. You are keeping all partipants upto date on various happenings regarding the exhibition. The site deserves an award. - Cdr G.Sriramarao,I.N(Retd), Visakhapatnam, 29.09.2009.  
Its great to know that rajasthan is highest after home state both in senior competetion as well as in no of dealer stall. - Rajesh Paharia, Jaipur, 01.10.2009
Excellent website full of stamp information, keep it up. I wish you and 'STAMPMANIA2009' all the success - Umesh Kakkeri, Mumbai, 09.10.2009
Congratulations on the amazingly organized and professional way that Stampmania is proceeding. It is a privilege to be associated with your endeavour - Ashish Talwar, Aries Stamps and Collectibles, Gurgaon. 09.10.2009
Great NEWS. Now Stampmania2009 has scaled new heights and has crossed boundaries. A recognition in a World forum is an excellent news to hear. I'm really proud of you and your Society. - K Sridhar, Mangalore, 09.10.2009
Congratulations for this achievement.Wish u all the best. - Anil Pujara, Gurgaon, 09.10.2009
Heartiest congrats to you and to your society. I think this is the first time any exhibition in India in which awards are being sponsored by ATA.It is all due to your and your society's efforts. Wishing you a very happy Diwali. - Sundar L. Bansal, New Delhi, 09.10.2009
Congratulations on getting a recognition from ATA, USA. This is indeed a very remarkable milestone both for Baroda Philatelic Society and India as a whole. I am really glad that someone is taking philately to new heights...Keep up the great work and keep going.....Waiting for the countdown... - SAKET BAJAJ, Bangalore, 09.10.2009
Dear Prashant, Another feather in your cap. CONGRATULATIONS. God bless you - Prof. Sahadeva Sahoo, Bhubaneswar, 09.10.2009.
Dear Mr.Prashant, Congratulations to you and your team for such a nice effort. Hope that we will see such events regularly atleast from your leadership in future as well. With warm regards.- Suraj Jaitly, Gen. Secretary Indian Thematic Society, Ludhiana, 14.10.2009
Congratulations for StampMania 2009, At a time when Philately is facing tough competition from other distractions amongst the youth as a hobby,you have taken a giant step to reinforce the magic of the hobby. Am looking forward to exhibiting my and my kids' collections there, visiting the exhibition and participating in all the events and activities.Hope you shall have a lot of events that interest the adults and youth, throughout the 3 days. Please do issue lots of collectibles and memorabilia,besides philatelic material like T-shirts, mugs, bags, momentoes for all participants(on actual cost basis) etc, so that we can carry back lots of memories. Looking forward to a G8 philatelic meet in Dec., Cheers!!! rock on!! - Pallab Bose, New Delhi, 16.10.2009
Dear Mr. Prashant, Wishing you and your team a very Happy Deepawali! The way you have planned the STAMPMANIA 2009, it is excellent and I am assured that it will be a grand success. Rest assured that with your ideas, innovation and hard work this one frame National Exhibition will be aland mark in the history of Philately in India. Through your regular communication via emails, the interest for Stampmania 2009 was never faded in our mind. - Pradeep Kumar Mallik, Patna, 17.10.2009.
Dear Prashant, Kudo's to you for bringing out such superbly produced Booklet on 02.10.2009 to mark International Non-violence day. I am highly impressed to see the booklet, its quality, most appropriate photograph with description used in it. You did good R &D to produce the same. Keep it up your good work. With kind regards, Pradip Jain, Patna, 21.10.2009
Congratulations for Stampmania 2009, wishing you and your team a grand success, we are always with you. - Ashok Benani, Junagadh, 28.10.2009
My heartiest congratulations for organising One Frame exhibition Stamp Mania -2009. This will not only introduce the One Frame Exhibiting to the philatelists in India but promote this class of philately also. Wish u all the best and warm wishes from Gauhati philetalic society on your success - Vishal Sanganeria, Guwahati, 9.11.2009
Thank you very much for Sardar Patel Post card issued on 31st October, 2009 on the 135th Birth Anniversary to remember the Iron Man of India – Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel. It is a great work that you have taken up and put your efforts to publish Sardar Patel Post Card with cancellation and icon photograph (concept & Designed by Shri Prashant H. Pandya) is very interesting. Quotation which you are selected very good to inspire people of India. I appreciate your tireless efforts for publishing Post Card on Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Birth Anniversary. May God help you to do such good work for the Nation. - Ramesh Prajapati, Administrator, Sardar Patel Trust, Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel & Veer Vithalbhai Patel Memorial, Karamsad. 16.11.2009.
Karo to kuchh aisa ke duniya dekhey, Karo to kuchh aisa ke duniya jaaney, Karo to kuchh aisa ke duniya sochey, Karo to kuchh aisa ki duniya puchhey................. yes, you have done that and so the world is looking, asking,viewing and of course thinking..............and appreciating. Wishing you and your team a grand success of Stampmania2009 Naresh Agrawal, Bilaspur ( C.G.), 03.12.2009
Haven't attended a National Philatelic Exhibition for a long time. am, therefore eager to meet old friends and make new ones. Wish you all the success. - A M Mollah, Mira Road (Mumbai), 10.12.2009