Awards at Stampmania 2009

Stampmania 2009 Awards
Special Awards Sponsored by Various Organisations and Individuals
Awards Sponsored by American Topical Association, USA

:: Adult Class ::
First Award (Medal and Ri

Awarded to Mr. Vijay Navlakha : Salvaged Mail : Frame No. 225
Second Award (Medal and Ribbon)
Awarded to Mr. S. Asokan : Blood Donation – Humanitarian Service : Frame No. 122
Third Award (Medal and Ribbon)

Awarded to Mr. Bijoy Kumar Biswal : Portuguese India : Frame No. 22

:: Youth Class 3.1 (up to Age 15) ::
First Award (Medal and Ribbon)
Awarded to Ms. Ayushi Khare : Animal World (In Perspective of Eating Habits) : Frame No. 255
Second Award (Medal and Ribbon)
Awarded to Ms. Ojaswita : Children’s Day : Frame No. 169
Third Award (Medal and Ribbon)

Awarded to Mr. Venktesh Vyas: Disney Cartoon: Frame No. 275

:: Youth Class 3.2 (16-18 Years) ::

Awarded to Mr. Joshua Jonathan Prabhu : My dream World of Cars : Frame No. 338
Second Award (Medal and Ribbon)
Awarded to Ms. Pallavi Saraf : Jewels of India – Bharat Ratna : Frame No. 334
Third Award (Medal and Ribbon)

Awarded to Mr. Calvin Melroy Menezes : Butterflies (Life Cycle): Frame No. 325

:: Youth Class 3.3 (19-21 Years) ::

Awarded to Mr. Manish Goel : Life of Christ : Frame No. 351
Second Award (Medal and Ribbon)
Awarded to Mr. Kiran Kumar Patra: Feel it But don’t touch it. : Frame No. 348
Third Award (Medal and Ribbon)

Awarded to Ms. Nikita V. Soni : Life on Earth: Frame No. 352

Samyakta Award Sponsored by Deepak Modi - Mobile Philately for Best Innovative Exhibits
Certificates for best Innovative Exhibits in Youth Class
Award for best Innovative Exhibit
Philatelic Kits for best Innovative Exhibit in Youth Class
Awarded to Mr. Anil Kumar Dhir : Edged in Black
: Frame No. 45 :
Youth Class 3.1: Awarded to Ms. Ayushi Khare: Animal World (In Perspective of Eating Habits) : Frame No. 255
Youth Class 3.2: Awarded to Mr. Subhankar Tripathy: Red Cross - Anywhere for Every One : Frame No. 339
Youth Class 3.3: Awarded to Ms. Nishita Jain: Aero Philately : Frame No. 362

Late Apurva Daga Memorial PSR Trophy sponsored by
Philatelic Society of Rajasthan, Jaipur

Awarded to Mr. Kishor Srivallabh Chandak : The Black & White Seal – Romance of Pre Stamp Era : Frame No. 65

Back Side of Trophy

Special Prize Sponsored by EXPONET - The Virtual Philatelic Exhibition, Czech Republic

Awarded to Mr. S.L.Bansal : Maximaphily-Felidae-Cats : Frame No. 381

Prague In Picture Postcards of The Period 1886 - 1930, 300 pages, ISBN: 80-86214-028, Publisher: Belle Epoque, Cover: Hard Cover

This book was published on the occasion of the 650th anniversary of the founding of the New Town of Prague by emperor Charles IV and on the occasion
of the centenary of the beginning of the "Golden era of postcards" (1898). Looking at old Prague postcards is certainly a joy not only for city and art historians,
for ethnographers, for lovers of historical and artistic monuments, for stamp collectors, tourists or postcard collectors. It is pleasure for those of us who love the
Czech capital, which is so closely connected with Czech history and statehood.

Special Prize sponsored by
Rainbow Stamp Club for Best Exhibit of Female Participant

Awarded to Ms. Yogini Madhukar Jhingan : Harry Potter and the World of Stamps : Frame No. 333

Special Prize Sponsored by
Eastern India Philatelists' Association for Best Exhibit on Environment

Awarded to Mr. Ajay Srivastav : Climate Change : Frame No. 134

Special Prize Sponsored by
Ludhiana Philatelic Club for Youth Class under 15 Years (3.1)

Awarded to Ms. Parvathy Vivek : Birds – Features & Fascinating Facts : Frame No. 265

Special Prize Sponsored by
Marwar Philatelic Society, Jodhpur

Awarded to Mr. Tejan K. Bhatt : Birds on Maxim Cards : Frame No. 390

Special Prize Sponsored by
Mr. Pradip Jain, Patna for Best Gandhi Exhibit

Awarded to Mr. Rajesh Bhura : Gandhi- The Man of the Millennium : Frame No. 160

A. S. Mittal Trophy Sponsored by
Mr. A. S. Mittal, Jaipur

Awarded to Ms. Abhiti Mishra : ABC through Stamps : Frame No. 252

Special Prize Sponsored by
Forum for Philatelist, Kolkata for Best Research

Awarded to Mr. Binod Kumar Jain : Assam Steamer Service – A Study : Frame No. 41

Special Prize sponsored by
Orissa Philatelic Association for Best Exhibit in Traditional Philately

Awarded to Mr. Markand Dave : Early India Cancellations on Scinde Dawk & Lithograph : Frame No. 6

Special Prize Sponsored by
Kamlashree Pratisthan, Solapur

Awarded to Mr. Abhishek Navlakha : Helicopter Mail : Frame No. 49

Mr. Naresh Agarwal, Bilaspur sponsors special award for best exhibit in Social Philately in memory of his parents.

Awarded to Mr. Rakesh Thaper : Charkha and the Freedom struggle : Frame No. 394

Cash Prize of Rs. 5100 for Best Error Exhibit, Sponsored by Mr. Pradeep Agarwal, Patna


Awarded to Mr. Subhasish Sarkar : Design Errors & Controversies - around : Frame No. 176

Special Prize Sponsored by
Jaipur Philatelic Society, Jaipur

Awarded to Mr. Dipesh Miglani : India – The Land of Saints : Frame No. 350